August 2019<br />Prestige Newsletter >

August 2019
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Efficiency Tip of the Month:   Start Your Morning Off Right – with a Routine!

    July 2019<br />Prestige Newsletter >

    July 2019
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    Cloud Data Storage 101: A Beginner’s Guide- How do you store data?  Is it secure?  How much should I spend?  What are the alternatives?  All the answers in our blog!

      June 2019<br />Prestige Newsletter >

      June 2019
      Prestige Newsletter >

      Efficiency Tip of the Month: Multi-Tasking is a myth!! First-off, the term multi-tasking shouldn’t even be used. It’s just not a possible action and there’s research to prove it. Time is our most precious asset, but by multi-tasking we’re not doing ourselves a service, but a disservice that results in poor quality work.

        May 2019<br />Prestige Newsletter >

        May 2019
        Prestige Newsletter >

        Efficiency Tip of the Month: Drink Water. This might sound silly as an efficiency tip – but how productive would you be if you weren’t drinking water every day?  Humor me for a moment… research backs it!

          April 2019<br />Prestige Newsletter >

          April 2019
          Prestige Newsletter >

          TripLog: Review of mileage tracking app Do you use an app to track your mileage?  If not, consider this low to no cost option to make your life a little easier!

            March 2019<br />Prestige Newsletter >

            March 2019
            Prestige Newsletter >

            QuickBooks: Online or Desktop? Is it better to use an online QuickBooks version, or desktop? One is not “better” than the other, they each have their own benefits, a lot of the decision is personal preference.  Here are some of the main differences.

              February 2019<br />Prestige Newsletter >

              February 2019
              Prestige Newsletter >

              Efficiency Tip of the Month:   Write it down. From personal experience, I can say that this simple tip has changed my life completely! I document every appontment and reminder in my digital calendar, use Asana for projects, and I also simply make lists.

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