August Efficiency Tip: Start Your Day Off Right!

You’ve probably heard that waking up at 4:30 AM is good for your productivity, or maybe you even do it – I bet you’ve noticed a difference, haven’t you? This month, I want to talk about establishing a morning routine, every day – yes, this means the weekends, too! Creating a solid morning routine will increase mood, productivity, and set you up for success in both your personal and professional life. 

When you wake up early, it allows you ample time to focus on your goals, write your affirmations, drink your morning coffee, and conquer the day with more energy, mindfulness and strength. If waking up REALLY early is hard for you, try just a few minutes earlier, then earlier, until you’re up at 4:30 – 5:00 AM. Trust me, you’ll notice how differently you feel within a week or so. 

Writing your affirmations or thoughts before you start your day is a great way to program our brains and set the tone for the rest of the day. Writing your thoughts is proven to release stress, tension and frustration. Be sure to write what your goals are, what you’re thankful for, and what you want to improve upon that day. 

I know that you have seen that reading is good for you, and it IS! Spend less than an hour reading each day, but do spend some time reading. This will help you be up-to-date on the latest industry knowledge and get your brain moving to prepare for the day. 

Exercise – whether it’s a walk, or 100 push-ups or sit-ups, Create your own schedule and accomplish your fitness goals with just 20 more minutes each morning. Plus, this kick-starts your metabolism for the rest of the day, who doesn’t love that?

Now, before we hop on our phones and computers for the rest of our day, try to disconnect. I know you use your phone as an alarm, but once you turn that off, set your electronics aside for an hour or two. Enjoy nature, the morning, and the day ahead. If you mediate, do that. 

After you’ve taken care of you (because that’s what gets you through the rest of the day), take time to focus on ONE business-related task. It’s nice to have this one thing done before your day really gets started. Then, the kids wake up, your spouse, and it’s time to get ready and out the door – but look at all of the wonderful things you’ve already accomplished!