CamCard – Tech Review

Have you ever been this person? ^^^

What is CamCard?

CamCard is a contact management app, with logic to scan specific data from business cards by simply taking a photo of the card. It can also create a personal QR code with your information to be scanned by others when meeting at outings or networking events. It’s a life-saver when it comes to saving time collecting, organizing and re-distributing business cards collected over the years.

Why Should You Use It?

CamCard was designed with Salesforce in mind, but it can be used independently.  Once contacts are in CamCard, they can be downloaded to a spreadsheet, connected to Outlook, Google Contacts or Salesforce.  

What I love about CamCard. 

Personally, I absolutely LOVE this app because giving out, collecting, and managing business cards is tedious. I’m sure you’ve been at a networking event, collecting multiple cards, and writing notes on the cards so that you later trigger your memory for future contact. Or if you have a stack (or binder) of business cards in your office that you’ve never put into your contact database or have even forgot to reach back out to – you needCamCard.  

CamCard Makes It Easy to Share Referrals

We all love referrals – CamCard makes it easy! If you meet someone that needs a business who is in your CamCard contacts, you can simply click “share” and send it to them via email, text, or directly in CamCard. 

A Few Things CamCard Could Do Better

As much as I love CamCard, nothing is perfect. A few cons to CamCard is that it is an app, so common issues arise such as; app crashes, and older versions are incompatible with iOS 11. The free version is great, but if you decide to go paid, there is a monthly subscription. It’s great for sharing, but you cannot export the entire database for an email marketing campaign or similar – this would be a great feature to add on in the future in my opinion! 


CamCard is a GREAT small business management tool and has more pros than cons in my opinion, but check it out for yourself and let me know what you decide! I’d love to hear your feedback.